'Bobbin Beats'


This collaborative endeavour between HLP, Drumadore and Claran Theatre provided a creative opportunity for two local groups to explore the history of lacemaking in Headford. This led to the creation of an exciting rhythmic and theatrical interpretation of bobbin lacemaking. Ger and Giulliana gave a talk and demonstration to the group so they could gain an understanding of the lacemaking process. Éimhín Cradock and Drumadore recreated the rhythmical sounds of the bobbins through drumming and Miquel Barcelo and Judith Higgins of Claran Theatre brought lacemaking to life through movement. This project was supported by Galway County Council Creative Ireland Bursary 2020. The performance was recorded by Thomas Murphy and Johnny Garvey of Teem Lens Media. Below you can read what our collaborators had to say.

“Both myself and the drummers became enchanted with the story of the lacemakers in Headford. It was such a pleasure to reimagine this through drumming and dance. The collaboration with Claran Theatre was fantastic also and the freedom given to us by the members of HLP gave us real confidence from the off.” – Éimhín Cradock, Drumadore.

“This has been a very rewarding project. Wonderful to see kids so engaged and happy. It has and continues to be a very difficult time for all creative people.” - Miquel Barcelo and Judith Higgins, Claran Theatre.

“We are delighted to be a part of what you are doing with Headford Lace and to help share the creation with Bobbin Beats.” – Thomas Murphy, Teem Lens Media.

The Bobbin Beats video launched our international lace exhibition The Space Between in October 2020. It was very well-received on social media and had over 10,000 engagements. It was also featured in a piece in the Tuam Herald. Sadly, due to Covid-19 restrictions the planned public performance of Bobbin Beats had to be cancelled, but we are hopeful that a live audience will enjoy it in future.